VIP, CIP lounge

Located on the mezzanine floor of 2 separated areas for domestic and international departure passengers, the business-class lounge spreads over an area of nearly 1,400m2, capable of serving up to 15% of the passengers in the terminal, i.e. 120 customers during peak hours. The lounge features luxurious and modern style, meeting the rigorous standards set by world-renowned 5-star airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Emirates, etc.
The main items include reception lobby, buffet and cocktail service area, central area, smoking room, toilet, and separate bathroom. All equipment and interior materials are purchased from acclaimed international brands, creating the impression of luxury, elegance and sophistication.
Bathroom and toilet facilities are also provided by leading brands in the region and around the globe. From the lounge, passengers can enjoy the view of the lush green garden and the outstanding air traffic control tower, as well as relax in the classy area with private Internet connection, and a large TV screen right in the center.