Immigration and customs regulations

Chia sẻ

Goods and luggage of people on entry and exit must be and presented to the customs office for inspection in the following cases:
Luggage sent before or after the trip;
Carrying foreign currencies of more than 5,000 USD in cash or other foreign currencies of equivalent value, or over VND 15,000,000 VND;
Carrying promissory notes, cheques, precious metals (silver, platinum), gemstones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald) valued at over VND 300 million;
Carrying gold, jewelry, and handicrafts of more than 300 grams;
Goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import;
Exceeding tax-free quotas;
People on entry are required to confirm the customs value of foreign currencies of fewer than 5000 USD in cash (or other foreign currencies of equivalent value).
Customs declaration must be made before the persons on entry and exit carry out the compulsory baggage declaration at the border and take responsibility before the law for their declared items.
Please contact customs officials or flight attendants immediately if you need a customs declaration form or specific instructions.
All instructions on procedures and customs declaration form are posted at the international terminal and Van Don International Airport
For comments and complaints about Customs procedures, please contact via:
Airport customs hotline: 0203.3865.774 (Customs Branch of Cam Pha Port)
Or Van Don International Airport hotline: