Aviation Services

Aviation security

Aviation security is considered the top priority at Van Don International Airport. On the basis of performing socio-political tasks and ensuring national security under the international partnership, Van Don International Airport provides the aviation safety and security assurance services as follows:
– Checking and screening of passengers and luggage
– Checking, screening, and monitoring of goods, food, parcels, and other items before sending to restricted areas or aircraft;
– Screening and monitoring of people, vehicles and items on the apron, in the restricted areas and other areas (if required);
– Checking and screeing of VVIP flights, security fastening as required;
– Security screening of cargo in the sterile or restricted areas;
– Management and monitoring of passengers being refused entry;
– Guarding, security checking of aircraft on the apron;
– Guarding and transporting of high-value cargo;
– Security assurance services upon request (assets, office, warehouse, cargo, trading counters, etc. ) inside and outside the airport;
– Public safety and security assurance, guarding the airport’s surrounding areas and other areas when requested.
– Providing airport rescue and emergency services upon request; coordinating with functional agencies in clearing and disposal of bombs and mines, etc.
Complied standard: ICAO standard, National Security Program, recommendations of USAP of ICAO, annual Security Program of CAAV, quality management system of the Airport..
Besides, Van Don International Airport provides guarding service for overnight aircraft or upon request of Airlines.

Aeronautical information services

Crew assistant service for flight plan preparation provided by Van Don international airport satisfies the strict standards set by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam on aviation safety and air navigation.
Thereby, the following procedures shall be carried out on behalf of the crew:

  • Submit a flight plan (FPL);
  • Receive a preflight information bulletin (PIB);
  • Receive a meteorological record (MET).

Services are provided 24/24, and delivered in a complete, precise, timely manner, providing the crew with enough time to prepare for the next itinerary without having to directly carry out the procedures in the ATS Reporting Office, thereby helping airlines save ground time and improve the efficiency of aircraft operation.

Meteorological services

The aviation meteorological service is currently provided by the Northern Air Traffic Management Company – Van Don Air Traffic Control Center. These service providers fully and promptly satisfy the requirements on informing airlines and passengers of weather conditions; ensuring the management and operation of flights and the airport, as well as effective and timely emergency rescue.

Follow-me car

Van Don International Airport provides follow-me car service upon request of airlines, in order to assist flight crews in moving aircraft on taxiways and aprons, ensuring absolute safety. The follow-me cars shall guide the aircraft into the parking lot and lead the aircraft to the runway. These cars include PICK-UP trucks or 4-5-seat cars operated by Ground Handling Office staffs, who have been trained and granted licenses by the CAAV.

Maintenance and maintenance services

Van Don International Airport has not yet exploited this service, the maintenance and maintenance unit operating at the Airport is VAECO

Airport emergency services

At Van Don International Airport, the fire brigade and fire prevention and rescue team are established and maintained. Particularly, fire-fighting capability reaches grade 9 standards, meeting the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and current regulations of the Ministry of Transport and Vietnam Aviation Administration.
Firefighters, rescuers and commanders are highly trained, with professional qualification, as well as practical experience in firefighting, fire and explosion prevention and rescue.
Vehicles and facilities used for fire-fighting and rescue include 03 fire engines and 01 fully-equipped ambulance, water, foam, fire extinguishers, water tanks with a total capacity of 26,000 liters, ready for effective fire fighting and response in emergencies at the airport; ensuring protection and rescue for CODE E aircraft such as A350, B787, etc.